Check these out (1)

One of the cool things about entering the blogsphere is exploring some of the other great sites out there…In no particular order, these are a few of my favourites.

Do the Math  – Ethan Iverson’s blog is varied, informed and always interesting.Whether he is analysing his favourite players, disecting jazz education or commenting on much wider issues (such as institutional racism or 9/11) he’s always worth reading. His interview with Keith Jarrett here is probably the best ever, a great mix of insightful questions, and Jarrett’s obvious respect for the interviewer.

Kit Downes’ Kit Rambling is equally interesting. One of the younger stars of the UK jazz scene,  blessed with a rare musical intelligence, and a wise head on those young shoulders!

Howard Mandels’ Jazz beyond Jazz has a great mixand variety of current US jazz (from straight ahead to free/experimental) and On an Overgrown Path is a classical music blog that also covers some jazz and improvised music.There’s a review of my dowland improvisations here.

if you are interested in animation or film music – check out Jazz Animated – fascinatining!

A couple of different US blogs Fred Kaplan’s Stereophile and NEC’s Tanya Kalmanovitch ………

Finally two of my students at RWCMD in Cardiff- showing their viewpoint from a current jazz students perspective. The Aimless Rambler and Alex Haines

Some more to come soon. Please send me your suggestions too!


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