Also started work this week on a commission/collaboration much closer to home. Closure is a new project documenting the potential closure of a tiny school in Parc (near Bala) in rural North Wales with film (greg byatt) pictures (david woodfall) and music. An ACW funded project we hope to look at the village school in terms of both its past, present  and future and examine the effects of losing a school in a small local welsh community.

The initial part of the process will involve asking members of the community to share archive material, photos, stories etc, which will be woven into the the fabric of the piece, culminating in a live performance and a travelling exhibition next july. I’ll be making regular updates here as a way of documenting the process of both the subject and the collaboration and interaction between the three artists….

The first event is on jan 6th 2012 in the village with a showing of the 1950’s film Noson Lawen (filmed in Parc) and a short performance from my self – but I’m also hoping to attend a Plygain over the Christmas period.

More on this next year – in the meantime if anyone is from Parc or nearaby, please feel free to get in touch!


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