Dialektos in the Far East

Back from another great trip to the East including Indonesia, Vietnam and Hong Kong. Really interesting time, and great concerts with Maria Pia de Vito. Audiences seem to be intrigued by me playing inside the piano (first comment was always “I’ve never seen anyone do that, before”!) but in general really seemed to relate to the music (especially the high energy stuff)

As ever, some great food en route, and met a lot of interesting people. First impressions were Jakarta (Traffic!) Hanoi (Traffic, but creative!) Ho Chi Minh City (buzzy) and Hong Kong (western style consumerism gone crazy….)

Jakarta from the hotel

Indonesian food Sumatran style

Crossing the street in Hanoi was a particular pleasure all of its own that seemed to contradict several rules of science….The guide book said “Walk slowly but with purpose” and that pretty much summed it up! if you stood still you suddenly had scooters, rickshaws coming at you from all directions. A lot of life there seemed to centre around the pavements as well – eating, drinking, selling of all kinds….Most entertaining!


Wiring Vietnamese style!

a brave man selling ceramics from his bicycle....

Hong Kong in comparison seemed a mix of Zurich (airport) and Manhattan (buildings and streets) All great, but I’m not sure I wanted to travel that far to shop in Gucci and Armani shops (apparently at higher prices than Europe even!) Tourist highlight was definitely the ferry to Hong Kong island

Maria Pia being interviewed for TV whilst I look on from the poster!

Hong Kong island from the ferry

Hong Kong - Interesting sign, turned out to be a restaurant!!


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