More Than the Average Number of Legs…..

From time to time, I’m going to make some of my compositions freely available as PDF’s here. Starting with:

More Than the Average Number of Legs

Download score here

  from my “100’s of Things a Boy can  Make” recording with Mark Feldman, Peter Herbert  Martin France and a UK octet.

Listen to the track here

Download a list of other scores

One of those titles that appealed to me after reading an article on statistics,would you believe? Logically the average number of legs is always going to be less than 2 – presuming there are people with with 1 or 0 legs. People with more than 2 legs are a little harder to find! On gigs I used to make a lenghty intoduction talking about this, finishing up with something along the lines of “anyway, lets play the tune…its just a ballad!”

The concept of the CD came from the actual book, which we scanned for the cover. Some great hand drawn illustrations inside as well, from artist/designer Gee Vaucher…

Here’s the original CD track listing and line up. The original Babel release is no longer available, but I hope to have it up on Bandcamp soon.

Huw Warren
Hundreds of Things a Boy Can Make
BDV 2442

Another Idea for Bookends
How to Make a Shocking Coil
Where the Debris…
…Meets the Sea
Lost Marbles
Water From Nowhere
Left a Bit
More than the Average Number of Legs
How to make a Violin out of a Cigar Box
Ravishing Indifference.

Huw Warren, piano; Mark Feldman, violin; Peter Herbert, bass; Martin France, drums; Mark Lockheart, saxes; Pete Whyman, clarinets; Sonia Slany,violin ; Maria Lamburn, Viola; Richard Bolton; cello; Dudley Phillips, double bass

If you are interested in more of my scores, I have a list of stuff available here; including large ensemble,big band and orchestral stuff. lead sheets are available from as little as £1.50 to download. E mail me if you have any queries or  requests


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