Old Friends/New Friends…..

This week I’m involved in 2 new and different projects which I’m really looking forward to….

On Tues 19/11 I ‘m playing at London Jazz Festival with Christine Tobin’s “A Thousand Kisses Deep“. This is Christine’s reworking of Leonard Cohen songs with Phil Robson (guitar) Dave Whitford (bass) and Adriano Adwele (percussion). Its great to reconnect with Christine,  whom I first played with in the early 90’s;  and a great combination of her voice and Cohen’s brilliant lyrics. Also I get to play accordion, which always feels like a fun aside from the day job!

There’s an album already recorded (of the same name) watch out for it next year.

Album preview tracks here

London Jazz festival show details here

Also on Thursday this week I’m making a new collaboration with beat boxer/rapper/producer Mr Phormula.

A stalwart of the Welsh Hip Hop scene, Mr Phormula (Ed Holden) is a super talented beatboxer and bilingual rapper, and we’re hoping to make a really different sounding project!

Here’s a short clip of us improvising in rehearsal…


The gig is thursday 21/11 at the Blue Sky Cafe in Bangor, Gwynedd.

Check out Mr Phormula’s website


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