Exploring Jazz Harmony


Some exciting news – I’ve just published a little mini guide to Jazz Harmony, scales, modes and voicings available as a PDF download

Aimed at the beginner jazz student, the book is also an invaluable guide to classical students wishing to demystify the world of jazz harmony and improvisation.

buy now £6.50

Set out in clear modular steps, the guide starts from first principles, the chapters include:
1 Introduction
2 Chords and Symbols
3 Scales
4 Sequences and GuideTones
5 Adding notes to ii-V-I 7
6 RootlessVoicings
7 Modes of the Major Scale
8 Tritone Substitution
9 Adding Altered Notes to Dominant Harmony
10 Sus Chords
11 More Scales to use on Altered Harmony
12 Scale options for iim7b5-V-Im7
13 Practice Tips
14 Appendix

Used as a useful reference source Exploring Jazz Harmony is invaluable as an introduction to jazz, but also contains enough detail to interest more advanced students.Suitable for all instrumentalists, composers and arrangers.

Purchasers will be entitled to free updates, as and when additions and revisions become available.

Example above is from chapter 9 ” Adding altered notes to dominant harmony”


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