Advanced Jazz Harmony

Advanced Jazz Harmony – Huw Warren

Very pleased to announce that Volume 2 in a series of jazz education books is now available to download.

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A creative guide to jazz harmony of all kinds….

Chapters include:
1 Introduction
2 Melodic Minor Harmony and The Modes of the Melodic Minor
3 Interchanging Chords and Voicings
4 Secondary Dominants
5 Turning a Tritone Sub into a ii-V
6 More Triadic Upper Structures
7 More Voicings
8 Shell Shapes
9 Turnarounds and more Substitutions
10 Drop 2 and Drop 4 voicings
11 Diminished Harmony
12 Pedals and Suspensions
13 Parallel Approaches
14 More interchangeable ii-V’s
15 Harmonic Minor and Harmonic Major Harmony
16 Slash Chords
17 Advanced Re-Harmonisation – The Sound of Surprise
18 Exploring and Creating Non Conventional Sequences

Purchasers will be entitled to free updates, as and when additions and revisions become available.

This is the follow up to Vol 1 –  Exploring Jazz Harmony

which is still available here