Bandcamp Revamp

Bit of a revamp of my Bandcamp site…..
Its the only place to stream or purchase my early recordings including A Barrel Organ Far from Home, Infinite Riches in a Little Room, 100’s of Things a Boy can Make, Perfect Houseplants and a couple of otherwise unavailable solo piano bits and pieces.

Take a look!

Here’s the incredible Mark Feldman with myself, Peter Herbert and Martin France from 100’s of Things a Boy can make…..



Iain Ballamy +Huw Warren 22nd October

Very much looking forward to playing a duo concert with Iain at the University Concert Hall, Cardiff.

Expect a very varied set of music! Note early start time of 7pm….

Tickets £10, £8 students and under 18s free.

Cardiff University Concert Hall
Corbett Road
CF10 3EB

book online
0333 666 3366


More Harmony News


G7altUSNEWI’ve just published the first revised edition of Exploring Jazz Harmony. If you bought a copy already, it should be in your inbox!

So now I have available Exploring Jazz Harmony for £6.50 here

and Advanced Jazz Harmony for £8.50 here

There are 2 more books planned in the mini series – Generating melodic patterns from scales and rhythmic studies.

News on those soon……


More Details

Exploring Jazz Harmony

1 Introduction
2 Chords and Symbols
3 Scales
4 Sequences and GuideTones
5 Adding notes to ii-V-I 7
6 RootlessVoicings
7 Modes of the Major Scale
8 Tritone Substitution
9 Adding Altered Notes to Dominant Harmony
10 Sus Chords
11 More Scales to use on Altered Harmony
12 Scale options for iim7b5-V-Im7
13 Practice Tips
14 Appendix

Advanced Jazz Harmony

1 Introduction
2 Melodic Minor Harmony and The Modes of the Melodic Minor
3 Interchanging Chords and Voicings
4 Secondary Dominants
5 Turning a Tritone Sub into a ii-V
6 More Triadic Upper Structures
7 More Voicings
8 Shell Shapes
9 Turnarounds and more Substitutions
10 Drop 2 and Drop 4 voicings
11 Diminished Harmony
12 Pedals and Suspensions
13 Parallel Approaches
14 More interchangeable ii-V’s
15 Harmonic Minor and Harmonic Major Harmony
16 Slash Chords
17 Advanced Re-Harmonisation – The Sound of Surprise
18 Exploring and Creating Non Conventional Sequences

Free updates for all purchasers as they become available