Bandcamp Revamp

Bit of a revamp of my Bandcamp site…..
Its the only place to stream or purchase my early recordings including A Barrel Organ Far from Home, Infinite Riches in a Little Room, 100’s of Things a Boy can Make, Perfect Houseplants and a couple of otherwise unavailable solo piano bits and pieces.

Take a look!

Here’s the incredible Mark Feldman with myself, Peter Herbert and Martin France from 100’s of Things a Boy can make…..


More Harmony News


G7altUSNEWI’ve just published the first revised edition of Exploring Jazz Harmony. If you bought a copy already, it should be in your inbox!

So now I have available Exploring Jazz Harmony for £6.50 here

and Advanced Jazz Harmony for £8.50 here

There are 2 more books planned in the mini series – Generating melodic patterns from scales and rhythmic studies.

News on those soon……


More Details

Exploring Jazz Harmony

1 Introduction
2 Chords and Symbols
3 Scales
4 Sequences and GuideTones
5 Adding notes to ii-V-I 7
6 RootlessVoicings
7 Modes of the Major Scale
8 Tritone Substitution
9 Adding Altered Notes to Dominant Harmony
10 Sus Chords
11 More Scales to use on Altered Harmony
12 Scale options for iim7b5-V-Im7
13 Practice Tips
14 Appendix

Advanced Jazz Harmony

1 Introduction
2 Melodic Minor Harmony and The Modes of the Melodic Minor
3 Interchanging Chords and Voicings
4 Secondary Dominants
5 Turning a Tritone Sub into a ii-V
6 More Triadic Upper Structures
7 More Voicings
8 Shell Shapes
9 Turnarounds and more Substitutions
10 Drop 2 and Drop 4 voicings
11 Diminished Harmony
12 Pedals and Suspensions
13 Parallel Approaches
14 More interchangeable ii-V’s
15 Harmonic Minor and Harmonic Major Harmony
16 Slash Chords
17 Advanced Re-Harmonisation – The Sound of Surprise
18 Exploring and Creating Non Conventional Sequences

Free updates for all purchasers as they become available