Back Catalog on Bandcamp!

Spending the next week celebrating a different track from my early recordings….Most of these are now only available on Bandcamp.

Will add all the info below, including links to listen etc!

#1 Earthing Up from A Barrel Organ Far from Home

This is the opening track from A Barrel Organ Far from Home (originally released by Babel in 1997)and features Steve Buckley(bass clarinet) Mark Lockheart (soprano sax) Sonia Slany (violin) Maria Lamburn(viola) Ben Davis (cello) Dudley Phillips(bass) and Steve Argüelles (drums)

This was originally written for a project with violinist Andrew Manse – I wanted to use some melodic strands from a 17th century book of “Division” violin pieces, but managed to misread the tuning instructions, so the whole thing sounds a little more contemporary! Creative mistakes etc etc

Feel free to check out the 7 albums on my bandcamp page or subscribe for £25 to get all the music (and new music to be added) as well as a bunch of exclusive tracks….


#2 Salvador’s from Perfect Houseplants

Mark Lockheart Dudley Phillips Martin France
My attempt at combining Cafe music and Wagner was a dedication for Salvador Dali 🙂 Still  very fond of the vibe of this piece all these years later!

Released on Ah-Um in 1993


#3 Teares from Infinite Riches in a Little Room

This is the original recording of this from my 2002 solo piano album on Babel Infinite Riches in a Little Room.My reworking of Benjamin Britten’s reworking of John Dowland kinda vibe…..It was the centrepiece of a set of fairly abstract variations.The whole album was recorded in a day at Potton Hall in Suffolk, with various overdubs and mix shenanigans with Gerry O’Riordan at Snakeranch Studios later!

 #4 Turn to Gold

A track from the recording ‘Pulse’ with the trio of clarinetist#PeteWhyman and drummer Peter Fairclough. This was recorded in 1998, but not released until 2003 on FMR. Listening back, I was experimenting with some more open approaches to composition/improvisation and a LOT of prepared piano !!!

2010-08-12 14.43.15

#5 – Left a Bit
Here’s a track from my 2004 Babel album 100’s of Things a Boy Can Make featuring NY violinist Mark Feldman alongside #PeterHerbert and Martin France. A fairly typically gnarly tune from around this time……The front cover was a scan of the actual book that I owned, and the booklet had brilliant and super detailed hand drawings by #GeeVaucher  As well as the quartet, there were 2 extended pieces for 9 piece band #LostMarbles and #RavishingIndifference


 #6 The Art of Hairdressing
From my 2005 Babel collaboration Everything we Love, and More with Austrian bassist extraordinaire Peter Herbert. Essentially an improvised duo project we gradually expanded into preparations on piano and bass, multi layered pieces and some of my compositions. A lot of fun making this record….and another brilliant cover/design from Gee Vaucher
 #7 Against the Odds
From Nocturnes and Visions, my 2018 solo piano recording. The most recent of my material on bandcamp, and also the first of my albums that was self released on Maizeh Music. You can download or buy the CD from #Bandcamp. New music coming here soon!!
Remember you can subscribe to my Bandcamp page, and not only get all 7 albums there, but also all new music added and several exclusive subscriber only tracks
Check it out here

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