Was such a pleasure to play (both for a stream and a small but real audience!!) last week in Cardiff University Concert Hall. The duo with Iain is one of the most relaxed, fun and eclectic projects that I do, and this night was no exception…..

Full review for London Jazz News here

 “In fact, one never missed the presence of either bass or drums: the whole concert, short at just over 45 minutes, was a masterclass in listening and responding in a duo setting, in balancing the written and the improvised, and most of all in allowing the other’s musical personality to come across unencumbered. Of course, it would have been more special in person, but it is testament to Ballamy and Warren’s brilliant musicianship and ever-present empathy that…even through my bottom-of-the-range Bluetooth speaker…they sounded utterly world-class.”

By huwwarren

Musician, Composer, Jazz Educator,Writer interested particulary in Improvisation and cross genre collaborations

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