some new things

Just uploaded a new track (never) Let me Go, from a solo gig at the Lemon Tree in Aberdeen last August. Recorded on a humble upright piano, but was part of a really fascinating artist in residence project organised by ACES (Aberdeen Centre for Enviromental Sustainability) and funded by creative Scotland. I seem to have been involved in a lot of cross genre music collaborations, but very cool not only to work with artists from other fields (in this case sculptor Helen Dennerly, writer Esther Woolfson and visual artists Dalziel + Scullion) but also collaborate and debate with scientists (mainly ecologists, conservationists and social scientists). This piece came directly out a conversation with  Mark Reed and uses some mathematical devices in the compositional framework. Haven’t done that since about 1997 (:)) but was quite pleased that the resulting piece dosen’t sound too formulaic.You can probably hear the arch structure. There’s also a you tube clip of the same performance filmed by Greg Byatt (without the audio being mastered) if any one’s interested.

Hello and welcome…

…to my blog. I’m going to be posting some thoughts on music and life, as well as info on gigs,recordings,travels,compositions, teaching and more more.

Good to have you onboard !

See you soon.