Exploring Jazz Harmony

Exploring Jazz Harmony is a concise guide to Chords, Scales, Modes and Voicings.

Suitable for Jazz students or classical students wishing to explore jazz harmony and improvisation, this concise guide presents a clear and logical guide to Harmony, Scales, Modes and Chords. Suitable for all instrumentalists, composers and arrangers.


Written initially as support information for students in Jilin University of the Arts in China, Exploring Jazz Harmony is now available to purchase as a PDF download for £6.50.

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Chapters include:

1 Introduction
2 Chords and Symbols
3 Scales
4 Sequences and GuideTones
5 Adding notes to ii-V-I 7
6 RootlessVoicings
7 Modes of the Major Scale
8 Tritone Substitution
9 Adding Altered Notes to Dominant Harmony
10 Sus Chords
11 More Scales to use on Altered Harmony
12 Scale options for iim7b5-V-Im7
13 Practice Tips
14 Appendix

This is the first edition of Exploring Jazz Harmony, but anyone purchasing a download will be entitled to a free upgrade for any future revisions or additions.

Part of a series of books that will eventually include Advanced Jazz Harmony, Melodic Shapes from Scales, and Exploring Rhythmic Language.