Laura Jurd Huw Warren duo

Laura Jurd + Huw Warren duo project

Really pleased to be able to share with you a special livestream gig with trumpeter and composer Laura Jurd. The gig was recorded with a limited audience at the Dora Stoutzker Concert Hall at RWCMD in Cardiff, and is the culmination of their annual AmserJazzTime Festival.

Tickets available here for £10
Set includes new compositions by Jurd and Warren, including several new Warren pieces written during  lockdown and receiving their first airing….

1 And The Kitchen Sink (HW)
2 Maes H (HW)
3 More Earthing Up/Song and Dance (HW)
4 Piano Positivity (HW)
5 Mosking (LJ)
6 Slow Loris (LJ)

Here’s a short promo video where Laura and Huw talk about the project.

Laura and Huw will also play at Kings Place in London on October 8th 2021.

Warren Ballamy duo

Another special gig with saxophonist Iain Ballamy at the Holywell Music Room in Oxford on Thursday June 24th. Presented by The Spin Jazz.
Limited ticket availability of 100 seats.
Info and Book

“two of the most interesting, formidable, accessible and totally engaging musicians the UK has ever produced!


Maes H

Here’s a video from last september’s livestream at the Ucheldre Centre….

A new piece filmed andrecorded by Greg Byatt.

More coming soon!


2021 Newsletter

Happy New Year and Best Wishes for 2021!

Dear Friends,

Thanks, as ever, for your support during this crazily challenging last 12 months. I hope you are all well and healthy and that we can look forward to live performances soon!

In common with many of my friends and artists, I’ve spent much of this past year exploring my local environment (the picture above is Snowdonia on New Years Day) whilst staying busy with my educational work. I’ve also been hard at work on new music, which I’m really looking forward to sharing with you this year…..

Collaborating online and working with live streams has also become a fact of life, so in case you missed these, here are 3 clips from recent projects.

Solo: Spring is Here (Encore from solo set at Ucheldre Centre, Holyhead)
Duo with Iain Ballamy  Poor Butterfly (from duo gig at Cardiff University)
Collab with Angharad Jenkins Hosanna Mwy (Advent Amgen /National Eisteddfod)

Looking forward to more of this in the coming weeks!

Thanks also to everyone who has been buying CDs downloads, books and scores…

I have a January offer at my Bandcamp of 20%discount using the code jan21 at the checkout.
I’m sure you all know about bandcamp, but this is the most sustainable way of supporting a creative artist…
There are 10 albums available including my 2 ‘lockdown’ solo releases from Ucheldre which have been widely broadcast (including Radio 3 and online stations) There’s also a subscription scheme if anyone is interested where you get all the back catalogue plus new releases and subscriber exclusives (some more of those coming in the new year as well)

Check it out here!

I also have CD copies of my 2 Cam Jazz releases (Trio and Duo) for sale for £10 plus p+p.

I’ve also recently revised my book of compositions The Gentle Life and added a few more recent compositions to it. This is available as individual PDFs, 14 compositions for £30 (usual price £42). Please email me for more details

Full details of all these plus my harmony books and other bits and pieces are at my website.

All the best for now and hope to see you out there some time soon!


Poor Butterfly

Performed live at Cardiff University Concert Hall on 11/11/20 for the Bamzu Lockdown Sessions

Iain Ballamy – Saxophone

Huw Warren – Piano

One of the oldest standards we play this was written in 1916!

filmed and recorded by Eddie Gripper and Patrick Barrett-Donlon

“one never missed the presence of either bass or drums: the whole concert, short at just over 45 minutes, was a masterclass in listening and responding in a duo setting, in balancing the written and the improvised, and most of all in allowing the other’s musical personality to come across unencumbered”

“it is testament to Ballamy and Warren’s brilliant musicianship and ever-present empathy that they sounded utterly world-class”

full review for London Jazz News here



Was such a pleasure to play (both for a stream and a small but real audience!!) last week in Cardiff University Concert Hall. The duo with Iain is one of the most relaxed, fun and eclectic projects that I do, and this night was no exception…..

Full review for London Jazz News here

 “In fact, one never missed the presence of either bass or drums: the whole concert, short at just over 45 minutes, was a masterclass in listening and responding in a duo setting, in balancing the written and the improvised, and most of all in allowing the other’s musical personality to come across unencumbered. Of course, it would have been more special in person, but it is testament to Ballamy and Warren’s brilliant musicianship and ever-present empathy that…even through my bottom-of-the-range Bluetooth speaker…they sounded utterly world-class.”


Solo Livestream…..

Live Concert streamed from the Ucheldre Centre on September 16th!

Very pleased to share with you a livestreamed album launch as part of the Bamzu Lockdown Jazz Sessions on 16/9/20.
It’s a double bill with the Ella Hohen Ford, Will Sach and Noah Stoneman Trio who play at 7pm, and I’ll be playing at 8pm.

Tickets are £10 Standard £5 Concessions or £15 Supporter
and all info is available from

There is a facebook event page here

It’s great to be back at Ucheldre to play again (this is where I recorded the two #lockdown albums that I’ve released over the last few months). If you haven’t had a chance to listen to them yet, they’re over on my bandcamp page:

Live at Ucheldre

Live at Ucheldre Vol 2

Tracks have been played on several radio shows (Including BBC Radio 3) and London Jazz News published a very nice review by John Turney

Huw Warren – Live at Ucheldre, Vol 2
(Album Review by Jon Turney)

“Huw Warren, one of the UK’s most interesting pianists, has a string of fine trio, duo and solo recordings – three of them in the last couple of years. It’s always good to hear more from him, so we’re fortunate lockdown has given him time to revisit recordings from 2016 that showcase his live solo work.

Volume 2 – available as a pay-what-you-want download from Bandcamp – complements the delicious all-Brazilian selection he gave us on Volume 1 a few months ago. Like that set, the music is taken from three themed nights at the Ucheldre Centre, a renovated chapel in Holyhead. It’s pleasingly eclectic, opening and closing with a couple of standards, Darn that Dream and It Never Entered my Mind, and taking in a piercingly lovely version of John Taylor’s Ambleside and a small piece of Elgar that leads into Warren’s EE, a tune heard on his recent CD Nocturnes and Visions.

The longest item, at nearly 18 minutes, is an extended treatment of his John Dowland-inspired tune Teares. Like two previous recordings of the piece, this begins with a slow statement of the haunting melody and proceeds to a few variations. But around where the others finish this one takes off into a much longer extemporisation, first chordal, then moving into counterpoint, always tunefully inventive, before coming back home.

This inspired effort, like the others, is preserved just as it came, with no editing or mixing. It does what a live recording should, capturing a creative spirit as it takes flight. It’s a spirit – thoughtful, resourceful, unfailingly melodic – that informs all Warren’s work, but is particularly well represented here”.

This will be an album launch with a difference – as I’m also going to premiere a whole programme of new music written over the last 6 months! I hope you can join me.

Live from Ucheldre Weds Sept 16th!
19.00 (UK)
20.00 (Europe)
14.00 (US East Coast)
!2.00 (US West Coast)


Live at Ucheldre Vol 2

Live at Ucheldre Vol 2

Pleased to share my 2nd lockdown release with you!!
Taken from 2 separate concerts in February and May 2016 at the lovely Ucheldre Centre in Holyhead, North Wales. Recorded by Greg Byatt, the music includes an extended version of my John Dowland piece Teares, a piece by Elgar as an intro to EE, John Taylor’s classic Ambleside and a couple of my favourite standards.

Head over to Bandcamp to have a listen

As with Volume 1 it’s available to stream for free or download as pay what you want

Live at Ucheldre

1 Darn That Dream (Van Heusen)

2 Teares (Huw Warren after John Dowland)

3 Salut d’Amour (Elgar) / EE (Huw Warren)

4 Ambleside (John Taylor)

5 It Never Entered my Mind (Rodgers/Hart)

Running time 48.50
Recorded by Greg Byatt
Compiled by Huw Warren
Cover pic by Maria Lamburn
© MaizehMusic 2020

Live at Ucheldre (Vol 1) is available here

 Listen or Buy

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New live recording!

I’ve been using the some of my enforced at home time to go through some old recordings that have been lurking on my hard drive…

Decided to release this concert from 2016 on Bandcamp


Its very much a “warts and all” live recording with no editing or mixing, but pretty much gives a good impression of what it is like to sit behind the Steinway!

Recorded at the Ucheldre Centre in Holyhead by good friend Greg Byatt it was part of a series of 3 themed concerts that I did for them – this one on January 9th 2016 being an all Brazilian music programme. I have tried to include some of my favourite tunes that are not on my other albums, but you will notice Loro from the recent trio album and also a version of O Farol Que Nos Guia, which opens my 2018 album Nocturnes and Visions. Alongside the 8 tunes on the bandcamp release (which is available for free download or pay as you like) there’s a video from the same gig here, and a special subsriber-only version of Egberto Gismonti’s Karate.

Please feel free to check out the recording and let me know what you think?

The other 2 nights were also recorded, so there may well be a Vol 2 – watch this space!


Nottingham gig cancelled

Very sorry to inform you that next weeks NEW DAY/EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN concert at Lakeside Arts in Nottingham with Mark Lockheart Dudley Phillips and ZootWarren has been cancelled. Not at all surprising given the global situation, but it is true that you can still support artists in a number of positive ways by buying albums, books,booking online lessons or commissioning that individual piece that you always wanted written especially for you! 🙂
Bandcamp is great since the bulk of the revenue goes directly to the artist……
Stay safe and hopefully see you on the other side of all this x